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Project Description
A University project created in XNA integrating farseer physics engine. Contains some bugs and the code is not of the cleanest. Comments and critics welcome!
Polymorph is the result of a project for a University module, IT Development. We had the choice of 6 smaller projects or to create a game for the XBOX/WinPhone/PC or IOS platform.

We decided to go for the XBOX/PC platform and created the game called polymorph.


The Game has an assortment of Tiles that should create an interesting experience to the player. There are four material tiles that change properties of the player, these are wood, steel, rubber and plastic, when the player touches one of these material tiles he changes into that material. Different materials are affected by different effect tiles (Fans, Magnets, Vacuums, Water, Quicksand, Lava and Oil).


The code is in no sense clean and there are last minute quick fixes. This is due to the tight schedule we had to follow along with learning new technologies. We did plan alot before starting to code, but as we went along there were alot of changes as we became used to the technologies we used.

We posted it on codeplex in the hopes that it may help other people just starting out in XNA and so that people can give us some insightfull advice. We plan to clean up and develop this game further in the interest of expanding our horizons. We do not have the licences to distribute this commercially and do not have any intent of doing so.

The five members that created this game are:
  • Stefan Bergh
  • Dawie de Villiers
  • Juan Pippin Luies
  • Jano Naudé
  • Petrie van Zyl


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