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Known Issues

Oct 20, 2012 at 6:54 PM
Edited Oct 20, 2012 at 10:18 PM


Sometimes, especially in the level editor, all the effect tiles stop working. This is caused by a rapid change of the players position while currently in a effect. Teleporters can cause this behaviour so be sure to place them outside any effect area. In editor mode this is caused by toggling between edititor and testMode while the player is currently inside an effect Field.

This happens because all the effectTiles fight for acces to apply their effect and the one who gains access must release its grip on the player object when the player exits it's effect area. Because Teleporters for example change the position of the player so rappidly, the effect tile with access does'nt release it's lock because it doesn't recognize that the player exited its effect area and no other effect tile can gain acces to apply their own effects.

If you know which effect tile caused the problem you can 'fix' this by moving in and out of that effect tile, causing it to release its lock. If you don't know which effect tile caused the problem, you can try moving in and out of all the effect fields, eventually you will hit the correct one, making the game functional again.

P.S. The player is regarded to be in the effect when any part of it touches the effect field. This is the 50X50Area above fans, magnets etc, In tiles like Water, Oil, Quicksand, etc where you can enter the tilespace, the effect field is the tile itself.